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Conservation: The more things change, the more they stay the same

Every once in a while I stumble across Piaget’s 7 Conservation Tasks and then I move on. This week was different because my thoughts around conservation won’t go away. In a recent meeting with kindergarten and 1st grade teachers we discussed the importance of students being able to … Continue reading

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The Progression of Addition and Subtraction

The more I create… the more I learn.  Here is the 3rd installment of this whole Making Sense Series which has truly forced me to be a better teacher.  A more educated teacher. I can’t stress enough how much I’ve … Continue reading

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Take it to the Bank

It’s never been a secret that Superman fears Kryptonite. But I think the same can be said for many 2nd grade teachers and the way they feel about teaching money. There’s no way around it…teaching money to students is hard.  With … Continue reading

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More Bang for your Buck: The Power of the Estimation Station

Time IS NOT on our side! In a 1st grade planning session I was asked,”How do we fit it all in?”  I loved this question because it asked for a solution to problem we know exists. We collectively tackled this question … Continue reading

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Get Your Model On: Modeling in the Elementary Grades

Dan Meyer’s work on mathematical modeling has been instrumental in shaping my own understanding.  I’m super thankful for Dan’s commitment to SMP #4 over the years. So when he recently posted that he was shifting gears, I was bummed.  It was like … Continue reading

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K-1 Number Sense Trajectory

Before I travelled to NCTM I was finishing up some district PL with K-1 teachers. As part of the workshop, teachers were asked to engage in a Number Sense Trajectory Cut-N-Sort match header and descriptor place in the order that students … Continue reading

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