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Multiplication Subitizing Cards: An Upgrade to Building Fluency

Four years ago, I shared Subitizing to Foster Multiplicative Thinking. Since then, I've really enjoyed hearing back from folks like you about how the cards are supporting your work.   Along the way, I've received "a few" emails asking about for the whereabouts of 8...

Foundations of Fractions Online Course

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve released a series of fraction videos in collaboration with my good friend Christina Tondevold (@BuildMathMinds). Each video addresses some of the ways I tackle fractions in an elementary classroom. In the series, I shared some fraction...

Reasoning with Fractions Through the Lens of a 10 Yr Old

My daughter has laid down a marker when it comes to reasoning with fractions. Well, at least in my small world. She’s 10. She won’t read this post for a long time because her mom and I know what she reads on the internet…at least we hope we do. Maybe she’ll never read...

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