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Subitizing to Foster Multiplicative Thinking

Learning basic facts through tricks or a mnemonic song leads students down a path of memorization, not understanding.  I previously discussed the idea of conceptual development here.  When students practice their multiplication facts, they’re expected to move from...

Demystifying The Fraction Rules We Teach

Demystifying The Fraction Rules We Teach

I've recently been working on two new progression videos that will focus on the operations of fractions. Here are some sketches from the addition and multiplication progression... In planning and researching the flow of each progression, I encountered lots of rules we...

Building Automaticity with Base Ten Cards

Building Automaticity with Base Ten Cards

A few years ago, I was in need of a resource that would help students build fluency beyond 20 so I created some Base Ten Cards. I've referred to the cards in presentations but I haven't shared them in this space...until now. Below you'll find a downloadable set of the...