What’s the purpose of flashcards?

There’s 2 answers I frequently hear and only one I agree with.

  • Answer 1: help kids know/memorize their facts
  • Answer 2: help students build fluency through the automatization of strategy

I know how Tracy and many others answer this question.

One thing I love about our online community is our willingness to share, grow, and learn together. Here are two sets of cards you can use with your students and share with your parents to build true mathematical fluency.

                                                                                         Download the Subitizing Cards


Multiplication Array Cards

I’m still trying to figure out who was the genius behind the subitizing cards because they’re awesome.  Here’s a post on how I’ve used the cards in class and with my daughter when she was in 2nd grade. The multiplication array cards are great because they allow students to see and use the structure in numbers to build fluency.

Steve Wyborney is another teacher who is firmly committed to sharing a ton of resources that build fluency. Oh…and they’re free! When you visit Steve’s site, just drop him a line and tell him “thanks. ” The man is awesome!

As we dive into a new school year, fluency will always be a goal.  My hope is that we do it the way it was intended. From Memory” and Memorization: There is a Difference.

If you use these cards as a parent or teacher, please report back and share how it goes. All of us are smarter than one of us.