Four years ago, I shared Subitizing to Foster Multiplicative Thinking. Since then, I’ve really enjoyed hearing back from folks like you about how the cards are supporting your work.  

Along the way, I’ve received “a few” emails asking about for the whereabouts of 8 & 9 and I’m pleased to report that they’re finally included with the help of some friends. A huge thanks to Lori Martenson for her eagle-eye revision skills because without her, this project could have quickly gone sideways.  Another set of thanks go to Andrew Stadel for the dice image and the pattern matching suggestion. In the new set of cards, the group pattern matches the pattern within each group.

*** Click here to download the new set of Multiplication Subitizing Cards (2-9) ***

In deciding how and when to share the cards, I realized that this could be a great opportunity for us to learn and grow together. Moving forward, I don’t want to be a filter for something that could potentially be an amazing resource for you. Here are two things we can do to network and share more efficiently without me getting in your way:

  1. If you have an idea or want to share your insight and experience with the cards, please share your thoughts below.
  2. If you’d like to share on Twitter, please include the #multsub hashtag so that we can all learn from you.

I also figured it was a test driving opportunity with my 3rd-grader so I’ll start by sharing below. In the beginning, we share how we use the cards and then at 1:10 we explain how to use the blacked out cards.  If you’re interested to know how I use the cards as a formative assessment, it might be worth watching the whole video. I love what I just learned about my daughter.

Enjoy and please remember to comment below or share using the hashtag #multsub.