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These Geometric Subitizing Cards have been in beta the past two years.


Geometric Subitizing Cards

I asked our buddy Joe Schwartz to take them for a test drive last spring and he reported back.  Joe’s all in.

How do they work?  Let’s play…

Last week I took them for another spin in some kindergarten classes. Here’s two examples of how it went and we’re only 2 months into the school year.

Last year I captured me playing cards with my girls.  Here’s me playing with my kindergartner. 

Here’s me playing with my 3rd grader.

Your turn.

Take these cards and give them a try. If you need some ideas how to use them you might want to check out this task card.  I plan to share my thoughts about Geometric Subitizing in a future post but for now I just want you to go and play. The only thing I ask is that you report back and offer feedback.

  • How did it go?
  • How can we make them better?
  • Any other ways we could use them?
  • What am I missing?