Session Description: As more teachers look to add high-yield tasks to their repertoire, the struggle to make it all work becomes real. Let’s examine how problem-based lessons can be used throughout the scope of a unit and how we can harness their power to move student thinking forward. We’ll identify strategies and explore some tasks that help us find a healthy balance between application, conceptual understanding, and procedural fluency.

6-Week Online Workshops: 

Building Fact Fluency Toolkits (Add/Sub OR Mult/Div) by Graham Fletcher & Tracy Zager

  • Download a sample Lesson String and take it for a test drive. (Includes 30 Lesson Strings)
  • A Lesson String Contains the following tasks, activities, and routines around a singular context. 
    • Image Talk, Contextualized Practice Problem, Tool Talk, Strategy-Based Game, Number Talk, Same/Different, True/False, Card Talk, and an Open Middle Problem

Handouts & Resources:


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