Stamp It

A little project…

Please take the task below for a test drive with a group of your students or a whole class.  Stamp It stems from this SBAC question and I’d love to get your thoughts and/or feedback.  What’s the same? What’s different? Student misconceptions?  I am going to leave the comments open on this task but I am not sharing it publically…yet.  I will remove any and all comments before I share it with the masses. Thanks for any insight and comments you’d be willing to share.  If you capture student thinking, please upload it to a Google Folder and share a link so we can all take a look. 

All the best and cheers.

Download the Task

Act 1

Watch the video

  • How many stamps will fit on one whole page?   Estimate
  • Write an estimate you know is too high.  Write an estimate you know is too low.

Act 2

dimensions of a stamp

dimensions of the page

Act 3

Click the link here to find more of My 3-Act Lessons

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