standards: K.MD.2,  K.CC.6

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Act 1

Look at the picture

Lil' Sister

  1. What questions come to your mind?
  2. How much shorter is Lil’ Sister than her Big Sister?

Act 2

What information do you need to solve the problem?

Lil' E

Big Sister

Lil' Sister

Lil’ Sister

Act 3

How much shorter was Lil’ Sister than Big Sister?  Compare your answers and share your solution strategy.

Act 4 (the Sequel)

1. How tall are the girls in inches or centimeters? (cube measurement)

2. Change the unit!  Can you compare the sisters’ heights using a different unit of measure? (ie: pattern blocks, paper clips, pencils, etc…) 

Teacher Note: watch for iteration and students using the same pattern block.

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