Act 1

Watch the video:

  • What do you notice and what do you wonder?
  • How many cubes will be in the structure at the 7th stage?
  • Make an estimate you know is too high.  Too low.
  • Draw a sketch using the Isometric Dot Paper of what the last structure will look like.

Act 2

What do you need to know?  What information would you like to help you out?

Structures and Cubes


Act 3

The reveal:

Act 4 (sequel)

  • Can you identify a rule that would tell you how many cubes there would be in the 10th structure? How about the 50 Structure?  Write an expression to solve for any stage.
  • Is there a pattern with the shape of each structure?  If so what shape would the 83rd structure be?
  • What would the stage before the 1st stage look like?  How many cubes would it have?  Can it be expressed as an exponent?  (Answer: Act 4 Sequel)


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