I’ve recently been working on two new progression videos that will focus on the operations of fractions. Here are some sketches from the addition and multiplication progression In planning and researching the flow of each progression, I encountered lots of rules we teach and I wanted to share them.  It’s for this reason that I teamed up with Christina Tondevold to present an hour-long webinar that Demystifies The Fraction Rules We Teach. In the webinar, I tackle a few of the rules that completely undermine the fraction reasoning we’re after. One of the rules I unpack is KEEP-CHANGE-FLIP for the division of fractions (aka: invert and multiply). Here’s a quick snippet from the webinar that conceptually breaks down the division of fractions… https://vimeo.com/335263104 If you want to check out the other rules I unmask in the webinar then you will need to jump over to Build Math Minds for the goods.  Unfortunately, the webinar will only be available until May 20th, 2019 and then it will be archived in the Build Math Minds Community.

>>>Click here to watch the webinar: Demystifying The Fraction Rules We Teach<<<