On Monday night I had the pleasure of presenting the webinar 3 Act Math Tasks: What They Are & Why You Need Them in Your Class.  The webinar was hosted by my good friend Christina Tondevold and focused on the implementation of 3-Act Tasks in the elementary grades. Christina is doing some pretty amazing things within her online community, so I was more than honored when asked me to present.

Next month I’ll be presenting a 2-day workshop in Anaheim, Califonia hosted by Grassroots Workshops. The workshop will take place January 25-26 and is open to all K-5 teachers, coaches, and administrators. Over the course of 2 days, we’ll examine the progressions of learning through the lens of 3-act tasks and other meaningful activities. For more information check out the video below or the workshop landing page at Grassroots Workshops. There’s one more day until the holiday break and maybe this could be a learning gift from your administrator. There will be lots of takeaways which will make our time together, the gift that keeps on giving.