I’m currently serving on the 2017 Orlando Regional Program Committee and honored to work with some great folks. When we met over the summer there was one thing we knew right from the start, we want this conference to be different.

In our attempt to be different we asked for, and were granted a #NCTMregional blog. We hope this helps the communication flow both ways.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.07.10 PM.png

Over the next year we will post upcoming release dates and solicit your feedback as we look to build a conference that  “will reflect and represent the diversity of our profession. As we look to build a conference that is inclusive, we welcome, value, and need your input.”  (NCTM Regional Blog)

As we begin this journey together, please take a moment to complete the 3 question survey found on your Orlando Regional Blog. What do you want or expect from an opening session at a NCTM Regional Conference?


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