They come in waves. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

Seems like everywhere I walk there’s a perplexing question I can’t just let go of. The bug of mathematization has hit my entire family.

My wife is a teacher and for appreciation week she was given a light bulb filled with Skittles. She comes home and says “Hey Gray, I’ve got a 3-Act Task for you!”

And that’s how task #49-Bright Idea came to be.

We love pickles and jalapeños in our house. We have back-ups for the back-ups. My daughter in 3rd grade was analyzing the jars while unpacking the groceries. Then she says, “I wonder how much longer it takes to fill up the little jar compared to the big jar?”

Enter task #50-Dill ‘er Up

I was at a friend’s house and he was slicing some apples for our girls to have as a snack. My youngest daughter (kindergarten) watched intently and ask “Hey daddy, how long do the think the skin will be? Will it be taller than you?”

Voila…task #51-Granny Smith’s Skins


In September 2013 Dan visited my district and said I needed to start sharing and I haven’t stopped since.

51 tasks later and I just want to say thanks.

  • Thanks to my family for putting up with me. Sure it’s fun but I know it’s annoying too.
  • Thanks to Dan for the push to share.  I hope my work has inspired others to share openly and freely as well.
  • Thanks to my friends in the #MTBoS who help push and question me. With late nights and behind the scenes magic… you make me feel normal.
  • Thank YOU for your continued support and encouragement. If you’ve used or shared one task, I appreciate you drinking the Kool-Aid. Thanks for the feedback and for sharing pictures of student work. You inspire me to create more.

“All of us are smarter than one of us”