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Harnessing the Power of the Progressions

Session Description: From counting and cardinality to multiplying decimals, and everywhere in between, as elementary educators it can be really tough to make sense of it all. In this session, we’ll break down two domains (OA & NBT) and identify how the purposeful use and sequence of 3-act tasks and other high return activities can build our understanding of what students know and keep their thinking moving in the right direction.

Slides: WMC17 Full Day (5-3-17)

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Get Your Model On

Session Description: Through the use of 3-Act tasks this session we’ll explore what mathematical modeling is, what it looks like, and how we can support the intention of Standards of Mathematical Practice #4.  We’ll examine the structure of problem-based lessons and how simple changes in our daily practice can help ensure that modeling is taking place in our elementary classrooms.

Slides: WMC17 Get Your Model On

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Number Sense Progression to Build Automaticity

Session Description: Finding a balance between conceptual understanding and automaticity can be difficult, especially in the primary grades. In this session, we’ll build our understanding of the number sense trajectory and explore how it can be used to build automaticity and fluency in our students.

Slides: WMC17 K-2 Number Progression

Progression Videos: https://gfletchy.com/progression-videos/

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