IKAN and GLoSS Numeracy ProjectAdapted from NZMaths

  • IKAN (Individual Knowledge Assessment of Numeracy): The knowledge section describes the key items of knowledge that students need to learn.  It is important that students make progress in both sections of the framework.  The application of number knowledge and mental strategies is often described as ‘number sense’.  Strongly developed number sense leads to algebraic thinking.  The following table describes the key features of each strategy stage of the Number Framework.
  • GloSS (Global Strategy Stage): The Strategy section describes the mental processes students use to estimate answers and solve operational problems with numbers.   The strategy section of the framework consists of a sequence of global stages. Progress through the stages indicates an expansion in knowledge and in the range of strategies that students have available. (GloSS administration video)

How it Works (everything you need to know)

Strategy Stages-at-a-Glance

IKAN and GloSS handouts (expectancy continuums found here)


Elementary 3-Act Tasks

Link to the Big Pad 3-act task we worked on during the session

Link to other elementary 3-act tasks


  • Georgia’s Math Frameworks in a word document.  Links to middle school and high schools frameworks are located on the side column.