The power of sharing, collaborating and giving credit where it’s due!

This post is because of Joe Schwartz sharing his awesomeness at Exit 10A.  Joe got the idea from Nicora Placa‘s  post on tape modeling.  She cites 3 sources in her post which are probably 3 of the one million books and articles she reads each year.  I watched Nicora share her expertise at the Global Math Department when she presented Draw A Picture: Using Diagrams To Make Sense Of Word Problems.    Nicora…glad you’re back in the saddle, well rested, and sharing again!

I think 99% of teachers will agree that division may be one of the most difficult things to teach.  Not anymore!

Click Here To Change Your Life Forever Thanks to the Placa-Schwartz Mash Up

I have shared this with a lot of teachers through workshops and by adding it into the Georgia Frameworks.  Because of that, these math innovators must be given credit for the transformation currently taking place.

Sure I could have tweeted this out but there’s no way I could have said thank you in 140 characters.  Thank you Joe and Nicora!

Now…go to Joe’s and Nicora’s blog and tell them thank you yourself!